Discovering Your Spark...

The Discovering Your Spark series came to life in 2018 after Brittany traveled the nation and had the opportunity to speak with military spouses and most importantly listen and take note of what military spouses were experiencing. She wrote the workbook, Find Your Color in a Camouflage World through her own journey of self-discovery and leaned on a fellow military spouse named Molly to bring to life the workbook through graphics, inspiration and creativity. 

Without Molly and her creative vision the workbook would not be what it is today!


Workshops are 2 to 4 hours in length presented in person to small groups. Workshops are great for spouses' clubs, Key Spouse/FRG/Ombudsman groups, or readiness centers. Each attendee at the workshop will receive a copy of the workbook and begin a personal exploration to include:

  •     Deep dive into self-discovery
  •     Analysis of your past, present and future
  •     Recognizing life moments, challenges and fears
  •     Identification of daily schedule 
  •     How to maximize and minimize commitments


Brittany has partnered with the USO to present Discovering Your Spark to military spouses across the nation. Please check our calendar to see if a USO powered workshop is coming to your area. 

Brittany accepts requests to host Discovering Your Spark workshops across the country. If you or your organization is interested in hosting a workshop please submit a request. 


“Brittany, your desire to promote the military spouses across the world to discover their spark is inspiring and breathtaking. Thank you for pushing me to talk about things I don’t want to talk about and for the opportunity to inspire others to begin their own journey”. ~ Shaun, Military Spouse

“I attended your workshop and I’m truly grateful for your example of resiliency and bravery. My spouse was recently diagnosed with a tumor and I was tempted to turn to self-pity but I remembered your words about “getting to be the one” to tackle adversity instead.  I want you to know that your work has helped this military wife”. 
~ Military Spouse

“You helped me understand that there was something I needed to find that could bring joy back into my life. I find myself wearing thin and I feel like I really don’t know what it is that I want to do with my life at the moment and I’m finding it difficult to figure out my why and you have encouraged me to figure out my why.” 
~ Military Spouse


Brittany is working to create an online community for military spouses that will provide
inspiration and encouragement to discover, ignite, or maintain your spark! Also, she is working to create a virtual platform that would allow spouses to experience the Discovering Your Spark workshop from the comfort of your home. Connect with her to stay informed!