Brittany Boccher is a passionate presenter who has had the distinct opportunity to speak at the Pentagon, Russell Senate Building, numerous military installations, and organizations across the country discussing how you can discover your spark through adversity, community building, engagement and strategy. 

She is the 2017 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year and she utilizes her experiences to connect with her audience. She helps her audience understand how to turn a challenge into an opportunity, turn an I CAN’T into an I CAN, how to fill your cup and not your time, and live life with passion and purpose. 


She is authentic and shares her raw life moments with her audience leaving everyone with the desire to want to know more. She discusses life moments from before and after she became a military spouse and shares personal stories about raising a child with special needs, living military life, and becoming a military spouse caregiver to her combat wounded husband.  Despite life challenges she shares how she stays optimistic and lives by the rule of how you think, affects how you feel, which affects your behavior.