Wife, mother, military spouse, advocate, community consultant and public speaker who loves sweet tea and a good paper planner.

A military spouse since 2005, Brittany is no stranger to the challenges of military life. She is a proud mom to a sweet and sassy little girl and loving and joyful little boy who was diagnosed at birth with Down syndrome. Brittany is an advocate and philanthropist at heart who has managed to maintain a career, be an active and supportive military spouse and a stay at home parent!

In 2017, she received the honor of being named the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year, and used the opportunity to travel the country investing in ALL military spouses by helping them define their identity and purpose. Her passion for helping military spouses reclaim who they are and find new purpose has resulted in her partnering with the USO to provide a workshop titled Discovering Your Spark: Find Your Color in a Camouflage World.

Brittany founded Discovering Your Spark: Find Your Color in a Camouflage World in 2018 and established The Boccher Group in 2019. The Boccher Group is a consulting and speaking group dedicated to connecting {YOU} with the military community. 

She is a community leader, milpreneur, and military community engagement consultant who has been involved with community leadership since 2005. Over the course of her career, she has presented to, advised, and shared ideas with community leaders throughout the nation.